COVID-19 Update

1 December 2021

Hi everyone,

Just an update for you all regarding Technoman and the incoming COVID Protection Framework (Traffic Light System) where we will be entering at the RED stage.

We’ve had a great response to our survey last week and have now made the decision to require Vaccine Passes as of this Friday, 3rd December. This means you will be asked to show your Vaccine Pass upon entry to Technoman. Face masks and checking in via the COVID Tracer App will also be required (but we’re all used to that).

This decision is not taken lightly, however due to our feedback we’ve received, and the guidance provided by the government for repair service/retail businesses like Technoman, we believe this is the best decision at this time to enable us to operate at a semi-normal level.

We understand that some have made the choice not to be vaccinated at this point in time, and we respect your decision. There are also those who are unable to get vaccinated due to health reasons. If you are unable to come into Technoman we will do our best to accommodate you either via remote support or contactless pick up/drop off where possible.

Further updates on this will be provided as more information becomes available, or when we move into the ORANGE stage.

Thank you all for your support during these uncertain times! If you have any concerns or questions surrounding this, please get in touch. Likewise if you are needing help obtaining your My Vaccine Pass.

Many thanks,
Francois & Phil