About us

Technoman is a NZ registered company with stores in Whanganui and Palmerston North.

We are locally owned and operated and specialise in quality sales, servicing and repairs of all major brands of computers, including Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba.

We also stock an increasing range of new and used computers, computer accessories and other cool tech products - Have a browse around this online store of ours and find something you love today :)

Also, if you are after something but can't find it - flick us a message and let us know and we will do our best to get it for you at a competitive price!

Many thanks,
The Technoman Team


Our Team

 Phil Feldon

Having worked with computers and technology for over 15 years, Phil has gained experience in a wide range of hardware and software systems. He is a well versed Apple macOS user and at the same time knows all the ins and outs of Microsoft Windows; from XP all the way through to Windows 10. Phil also has a broad knowledge of printers, inks, cameras and digital imaging/printing.

Phil also keeps the wheels of Technoman turning by looking after our admin, graphic design, websites & social media.

Outside of work Phil likes to get out on his longboard and with his camera to capture the world through his lens. Check out some of his photos at www.feldon.co.nz

Francois Izatt (Swace)

Ginger and Passionate salesman. Both of which are amazing qualities, made even better by his wealth of knowledge for anything useful in technology. Cois has always been a nerd/gamer and has always been a tinkerer, whether it be pulling a mouse apart or finding a way to crack open the cookie jar, if he sets his mind to it, it will happen.

Now being a passionate salesman means being that upfront down to earth and honest guy (even if it means saying “what we have got won’t suit your needs) but not only that, Cois is one of the best “Solutions sales people” that you will ever come across. Not only will he sell you just what you need, but he will also advise you on how to best utilise the product in your everyday life.

David Wylie

After 13 years running his own business, David has joined the Technoman team. With him he brings a wealth of knowledge around computer systems, software and everything else in between.

David, works alongside Francois on our workbench as well as the odd call out/home visit

Outside of work David enjoys gaming and tinkering with technology.



Aiming for excellence in the things we do

Repairs, Sales, Service and Training - Whatever we do, we aim for excellence.
If you have any feedback (good or bad) from your experiences with Technoman please let us know!