Scam Alert

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Scam Alert

Beware of phone scammers!

Both Whanganui and Palmerston North seem to be being targeted again with these phone calls at the moment and unfortunately we have had a number of customers in recent weeks fall victim to them.

Who are they?
The people calling tend to claim they are either from Microsoft or one of our local internet providers (e.g. Spark or Vodafone). They often sound distant and have a thick foreign accent.

What do they want?
They usually try to convince that you have issues or viruses on your computer. They do this using a few methods, usually the end game is to remote access your computer (they take control) and then they want you to pay to "fix" the problems using your credit card. Leaving with you with more problems than you started with and some stranger with control of your computer and credit card.

So how can you tell?
First of all, Microsoft is very unlikely to call you about your computer even if it does have viruses - That's a huge red flag right there.
If the caller says that they are from another company like Spark; do you actually deal with that company? If you do and they are actually from that company, they should be able to provide you with basic details like your account number with them or address etc.

If in doubt, just hang up the phone. If they call back, tell them you have an Apple Mac or don't have a computer. Please don't give people you don't know remote access (control) of your computer!

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