Luckily there are options out there! Parental controls are the way forward. From Google families, Microsoft Families to modem configurations and ISP (Internet service provider) controls.

Breaking them down they all have different yet very similar functions and focuses. The over arching goal is keeping our children safe on the web and their devices.

Below is a list of Apps and Software that we have tried and would recommend.


Google’s Family Link has some great features. It’s also a super easy app to use and monitor your child’s safety. As well as bed times and screen time settings etc.

More can be found: Google Family Link – Home


Microsoft Family Safety is very similar to Googe Family link – However it adds some additional protection. Such as age rated apps, Xbox coverage (payments, games, internet usage)

The video below is a quick overview. Find out more at: Microsoft Family Safety


Lastly Circle is a different app all together and seems to be the best of both Google and Microsoft put together.

Currently either purchased direct from their website, Google Play and Apple App Store. Parental Control & Internet Filtering Device and App | Meet Circle.

“Many moms and dads of the digital age are looking for a family Internet filter that provides additional control over age-appropriate content and screen time, beyond what a router or even mobile device settings can do.”


This app and also their home plus router sounds to be the best cover and safety net for your young ones to be safe and be able to enjoy the internet in an appropriate manor.

The cost of the Circle app is subscription only based as well as the Home Plus system is also on a subscription.

The app subscription will set you back $9.99 per month or $89.99 per year – however you can do a free 14 day trial to see if it fits in with what you want for your kids.

Apple App store download link: ‎Circle Parental Controls on the App Store (
Google Play store download link: Circle Parental Controls – Apps on Google Play

The Home plus router can be purchased on a 3 month, 1 year and life time subscription bases. Each level includes the app subscription as well.

3 month = $69 USD
1 year = $129 USD
Lifetime = $349 USD

The Circle Home plus router can be purchased from Playtech and PB Tech in NZ on the 1 year subscription version for $229 NZD.


Google Family Link and Microsoft Family Safety apps are very similar and free to use. Both being very useful and safe for kids to be on. Whilst Meet circle is paid for but offers a far wider range of coverage and protection for your young ones.

My top pick would be Circle for sure, but Google Family Link is just as good of a runner up.


Header photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels